HMM: Michelle Obama was Desperate Not to be Photographed in a Bikini as First Lady

Former first lady Michelle Obama was desperate never to be photographed wearing a bikini while serving as first lady, according to her husband’s new book.

Barack dished the dirt about his life partner in The Promised Land, the narcissist’s recently published memoirs, making it known that it was among her top priorities as first lady to never be photographed in a bikini.

“She was serious. ‘This is one of my main goals as first lady. I will not be photographed by the paparazzi in a bathing suit.’ And she succeeded,” Barack wrote in his book.

Perhaps Michelle, a very handsome lady to be sure, was self-conscious about her physique. Or maybe it was a feminist stand against the patriarchy why she did not want to show off her body. Those are two options.

Obama should be more concerned about her left-wing racial ideology than her personal physique.

Big League Politics reported earlier this year on Michelle’s declaration that Black Lives Matter riots are “an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity,” while blaming President Trump for violence inflicted by her own supporters:

Former first lady Michelle Obama recently called the sustained Black Lives Matter terrorist riots that have torn America apart “an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity,” and put the blame for the violence on President Donald Trump.

“They’re stoking fears about black and brown Americans, lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, whipping up violence and intimidation, and they’re pinning it all on what’s been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity,” Obama said in her prepared statement.

“It’s true. Research backs it up. Only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all. So what the president is doing is once again patently false, it’s morally wrong, and, yes, it is racist,” she added.

Obama made it clear in her statement that she is lying because she is desperate. She is scared that President Trump will win the election in November despite the anti-white terrorist movement she supports.

“This is a difficult time, a confusing time, and when people these lies and crazy conspiracies repeated over and over again, they don’t know what to think,” Obama said.

“With everything going on in their lives, they don’t have time to fact check falsehoods being spread throughout the internet, and even reasonable people might get scared, and the one thing this president is really really good at is using fear and confusion and spreading lies to win,” she concluded.

The legacy of the Obama’s is turning America into a third-world style banana republic. They’ve imported their cultural values, demonstrating yet again that diversity is not our strength.

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