HMM: Nick Freitas Touts Endorsement From Dan ‘McCain 2.0’ Crenshaw in Congressional Race

Virginia state delegate Nick Freitas, a staunch liberty conservative, is touting an endorsement from Rep. Dan “McCain 2.0” Crenshaw (R-TX), the gun-grabbing neocon lawmaker who supports endless wars in the Middle East.

“As a Green Beret combat veteran, Nick Freitas knows what it means to make tough decisions while under immense pressure. This experience and Nick’s record as a proven conservative leader in Virginia means that he has what it takes to stand strong for our conservative values in D.C.,” Crenshaw said in his endorsement.

“We must take back Virginia’s 7th District, and I know Nick Freitas is the only candidate we can trust to take it back,” he added.

The endorsement came as a surprise to many, after Freitas has frequently appeared at Young Americans for Liberty events and called himself a champion of the 2nd Amendment with an “America First” foreign policy.

Liberty Conservative News reached out to Freitas’ campaign manager Joe Disilets last week. We had a discussion regarding Freitas’ relationship with Crenshaw and whether or not Freitas was planning to work with Crenshaw on his anti-constitutional policy proposals were he elected to Congress.

Desilets said that “no particulars” had been discussed regarding a possible working relationship between Freitas and Crenshaw. He said that Crenshaw, who he described as a “natural leader in the party” reached out to Freitas with the endorsement which he happily accepted.

“I can tell you what Nick’s priorities are… It’s not giving one inch on the 2nd Amendment, not giving one inch on the life issue, and working with Donald Trump to secure the border, build the wall, and finish enacting his “America First” agenda,” Desilets said.

Freitas would under no circumstances, according to Disilets, support Crenshaw’s push for red flag gun control if he were elected to Congress.

“Here in Virginia, the Democrat-controlled state Senate just passed red flag laws so Nick will get the opportunity to gleefully vote against it any day now,” Disilets said.

Disilets touted Freitas’ endorsement from Gun Owners of America, and his appearance at the 2nd Amendment rally in Richmond last week to bolster his candidate’s credentials regarding gun rights.

When pressed about Freitas’ foreign policy views, Disilets said that Freitas closely echoes President Trump regarding the Middle East, and that the candidate has not discussed foreign policy particulars with Crenshaw.

“Nick wants us to have the best-equipped, best-trained, strongest military in the world, but he is with President Trump on wanting to use restraint in kind of when and how we use our military,” he said.

Still, Disilets said he was “sure they agree in upwards of 90 percent on policy issues” and the two men have the “same mission” in “working to take back the House to help President Trump pass his conservative agenda.” Crenshaw has not been scheduled to raise funds on Freitas’ behalf, but Disilets does not rule the possibility out.

Disilets concluded by telling liberty-minded people who might be concerned about the Crenshaw association to watch Freitas’ upcoming votes in the Virginia legislature, as Democrats led by Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam aggressively push anti-2nd Amendment legislation.

Freitas is one of seven candidates running in the GOP primary for Virginia’s 7th District Congressional race. Freitas hopes to unseat Democrat Abigail Spanberger, a freshman Congresswoman who unseated incumbent Congressman Dave Brat in 2018.

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