HMM: Postal Workers Endorse Biden As Dems Push For Postal Workers to Run 2020 Election

As election season is in full swing, many conservatives are rightfully concerned about election integrity.

Namely, the mass usage of mail-in-ballots is one of the bigger issues that grassroots conservatives are calling attention to and warning GOP leadership about.

Democrats have enthusiastically gotten behind this voting scheme and are completely ignoring any concerns about it.

And they appear to have massive institutional support, which raises questions about  conflicts of interest that could influence the election.

On June 29, 2020, Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk warned about the potential for massive voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

He tweeted, “Did you know: The American Postal Workers Union just endorsed Joe Biden for President. These are the same people the left wants to facilitate our elections. Still think Democrats’ Vote-By-Mail push is more about keeping you safe than winning in November?”

Back in June 9, the American Postal Workers Union’s National Executive Board endorsed Joe Biden for “his record of advancing the cause of unions, his support for the public Postal Service, postal workers, and his opposition to postal privatization.”

Due to the Wuhan virus pandemic, many states are opting to have voters cast mail-in-ballots because of the alleged safety concerns the Wuhan virus presents.

BLP has already reported on voting irregularities taking place in Passaic County, New Jersey  that involved mail-in ballots.

The 2020 election cycle will likely be a nail-biter and the Trump administration needs to prepare for potential fraud.

Trump’s team must continue hammering home about the increased potential for fraud that comes with conducting mail-in ballots at a massive scale.

If he doesn’t, 2020 will be marked by massive electoral fraud.