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Hollyweird Strikes Again: Writer Of ‘Captain Marvel 2’ is Anti-Trump, Pro-Iran, Pro-Islam Feminist

They are intent on driving this agenda.



An anti-Trump, pro-Iran, pro-Islam feminist is set to write the sequel to Captain Marvel, according to the blog Sausage Roll.

Kelly Sue DeConnick has signed on to write the highly-anticipated Captain Marvel 2. While the first edition of the movie had a somewhat woke message of female empowerment, DeConnick is expected to take it to a new level in the sequel.

“Kelly is a champion for women rights, she embodies Captain Marvel,” a friend of the writer told Sausage Roll.

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One of DeConnick’s woke tweets against the President can be seen here:

Previously, DeConnick had helped fuel the GamerGate witch hunt alongside notorious shrew Anita Sarkeesian to attack video game producers for not including feminist dogma into their content.

While DeConnick was clearly hired to promote an agenda, that agenda may prove to be box office cancer when it is all said and done. The recent Terminator movie, which featured a message of female empowerment, bombed at the box office:

Action movie Terminator: Dark Fate is bombing hard at the box office, as it is expected to rake in only $27.1 million domestically during its first weekend in theatres when the movie cost as much as $196 million to produce.

Factoring in marketing costs and other expenses, the film will need to gross $470 million throughout the world in order to just break even. It is not expected to come close to that mark, in what may be the final death blow to the beleaguered Terminator franchise.

The promotional scheme for Dark Fate has been centered around diversity and empowerment, with a cast of largely female and minority protagonists saving the world from futuristic despair. The movie is tanking with an audience that is growing sick of woke culture and are effectively voting with their dollars against leftist dogma.

The Batwoman series, featuring Rachel Maddow in a recurring role, has also failed spectacularly with dismal ratings:

The ratings for CW’s new feminist TV show Batwoman have already cratered in just its second week on the air.

The “woke” program lost about one-third of its initial audience from its premiere in its second episode that aired on Sunday night. The show posted a very low 0.3/1 rating with only 1.5 million viewers tuning in, as CW came in dead last of any major network in the ratings.

Social justice warriors are already blaming “toxic fan culture” for the immense unpopularity of the show. Commentator David Opie of Digital Spy pointed to user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes as evidence of trolls undermining the show’s admirable messaging.

Marvel may learn the hard way that the “get woke, go broke” axiom is legitimate by hiring this feminist author to write Captain Marvel 2.


‘Ghostbusters’ Director Blames Hillary Clinton’s Unpopularity for Failure of All-Female Franchise Reboot

Maybe your movie just stunk, dude.



Nearly four years later, the all-female reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’ is now remembered as one of the worst atrocities in the history of cinema, and director Paul Feig is blaming anti-Hillary Clinton backlash for its failure.

“I think some really brilliant author … needs to write a book about 2016 and how intertwined we were with Hillary [Clinton] and the anti-Hillary movement,” Feig said while appearing on SiriusXM radio last week.

“Everyone was at a boiling point. I don’t know if it was having an African American president for eight years that teed them up, they were just ready to explode,” he added.

Feig is desperate to make excuses for his movie’s failure, rather than take personal responsibility for creating one of the worst movies in film history.

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“It’s crazy how people got nuts about women trying to be in power or be in positions they weren’t normally in,” Feig said. “It was an ugly, ugly year.”

The fake news media has been pushing the line that sexism doomed the movie since its historic failure at the box office during its summer 2016 release. However, ‘Ghostbusters’ creator Ivan Reitman believes that it was nostalgia that caused the backlash, not sexism. Viewers did not want to watch a ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot that was seemingly blasphemous to the original.

“I think there’s way too much talk about gender [when it comes to this film],” Reitman said during an interview with Mashable. “I think that many of the people who were complaining were actually lovers of the [original] movie, not haters of women.”

Feig refuses to admit that his creation was so horrendous and even hopes to release a grueling 3.5 hour directors’ cut of the flick despite the fact that nobody wants to see it.

Because the movie was such a massive bomb, the cast has been scrapped and replaced with a new cast for the upcoming re-boot “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” The initial trailer was released last year to rave reviews.

It can be seen here:

Actress Leslie Jones, who starred in the failed all-female reboot, whined about the new movie that is set for theaters in 2021 for completely sweeping her movie under the rug. Similar to her director, she blamed Trump because everyone hated her awful movie.

Feig and Jones, in true liberal fashion, have refused to own up to their own failures. They will continue to create scapegoats instead of admitting the obvious about their horrendous movie that failed spectacularly in its feminist agenda of female empowerment.

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