Hollywood Hypocrites Go Maskless at the Emmys, With Servants Required to Muzzle

Hollywood actors and film industry insiders were blasted for naked hypocrisy at Sunday’s Emmy Awards, with photos of the event showing an entirely maskless crowd even as service workers staffing the event were required to wear masks.

The event, held in a giant so-called ‘tent’ to avert accurate accusations of hypocrisy, featured crowds of celebrities ignoring coronavirus rules.

Democrat ideologue Seth Rogan even admitted the format of the event was unsafe according to coronavirus dogma.

There’s way too many of us in this little room. What are we doing? They said this was outdoors. It’s not! They lied to us!

Internet users called out the decision of the celebrities present to go maskless, especially considering left-wing elites within Hollywood and the entertainment industry often demand that everyday people obey byzantine and pointless coronavirus rules.

In smug elitist fashion, service workers staffing the event as security were compelled to wear masks, a standard the show attendees weren’t held to.

The event has been identified as an example of a disturbing new trend within American society, in which left-wing media and political elites quietly declare themselves exempt from mask and coronavirus requirements they themselves aggressively demand the public obey.

In similar fashion, Democrat billionaires were caught going maskless at a fundraiser for Nancy Pelosi last month.

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