Hollywood and Media Hype Bush Because Short-Term Memory

YouTube screenshot

How times change.

George W. Bush, a president so divisive that the entire country nearly came apart during his reign of war and economic collapse, is suddenly the darling of the mainstream media — the very mainstream media that became more hyper-partisan than ever specifically to oppose him.

Bush and the media now have a common enemy: Donald Trump. And Hollywood and the media have no problem promoting the words of a man that they long viciously despised. Bush called Trump’s inauguration “some weird shit,” agreeing with Hillary Clinton.

Here’s Bush in his speech Thursday taking aim at Trump, who is not a white supremacist and who has hired numerous minorities and women in his administration.

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Here’s Alyssa Milano, a C-list actress who previously tweeted that Steve Bannon should be fired from the White House because somebody allegedly arranged elves in a Christmas store she went to (in August) with Nazi salues:

Here’s CNN political commentator Keith Boykin:

Here’s Democrat Scott Dworkin:

Here’s Democrat and media pinhead David Axelrod.

Here’s a liberal pointing out the hypocrisy.

Changing times indeed.


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