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National Geographic Calls Itself ‘Racist’ For Years of Photographing Native Peoples

National Geographic has issued a mea culpa for pretty much all of its coverage throughout its 130-year history. The magazine, founded in 1888, has often...

Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Worked On Opposition Research For Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden

Porn star Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti worked in a professional opposition-research capacity for Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and vice president Joe...

Muslim Mayor of London Bashes Free Speech in Texas, Ignores U.K. Terror

On the same day the United Kingdom deported Canadian journalist Lauren Southern under the its National Terrorism Act, London Mayor Sadiq Khan bashed free speech...

Comedian: ‘I had to learn what LGBTQAI means, you have to learn what AR...

Comedian Owen Benjamin is a rising star in the battle for free speech and common sense. Using comedy as a weapon against left wing...

VIDEO: Hillary Stumbles Down Stairs In India Just Like In 2016

During a trip to India, failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was seen slipping on a set of stairs, being helped up, and then falling again.

Hillary Clinton: Trump Supporters ‘Didn’t Like Black People Getting Rights’

During an interview in India, failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that Trump supporters "Didn't like black people getting rights," and that they "don't like women." Clinton didn't provide any proof to back her claims.

10 Year Olds Used as Gun Control Props in NYC

On Monday, Anthony L. Fischer, a journalist from New York City, posted a clipping of a letter sent home from his child's fifth grade...

Netflix Stock is Plummeting in Response To Obama Show

Trump supporters across the country began boycotting Netflix by canceling their memberships. Just days into the boycott Netflix is already feeling the heat. Their stock has been steadily lowering in price since the boycott began. 

Lauren Southern Deported From UK Under National Terrorism Act

As we reported here last night, right-wing activist Lauren Southern was detained, and later deported from the United Kingdom. At the time, few details were available, but now we have a clearer picture on what exactly happened. 

Violent Sexual Predators Are Leading Radical Leftist Groups

The more that we unmask various members of Antifa groups around the nation, the more we confirm what most on the right have suspected - that these groups are dominated by sexually exploitative undesirables.


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Walls Closing in on Russiagate Conspiracy Theorists: Evidence Mounts That DNC Emails Provided to WikiLeaks By Inside Source

On Wednesday, the Nation confirmed previous reports by Big League Politics that DNC emails were provided to WikiLeaks by an inside source -- not some shadowy Russian hacker. On August 9, the Nation finally covered a report from the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)...

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Alex Jones Was A Target? Reddit User Claims He’s Austin Bomber
h J R
Big League Politics @BigLeaguePol
Facebook is firmly against Republicans
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Big League Politics @BigLeaguePol
Alex Jones Was A Target? Reddit User Claims He’s Austin Bomber
h J R