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Homeless People Can Now Camp Out in Public Spaces Thanks to New Policy in Austin



Beginning on July 1, homeless people can now squat and set up tents on public sidewalks legally according to a KENS5 report.

This moves comes 10 days after the city council decriminalized homelessness.

Prior to the change in this ordinance, it was illegal to site, lie, or camp in public. But starting this month, officers will only give tickets to individuals who block pathways. Additionally, the city council modified another provision of the ordinance that only punishes aggressive panhandlers.

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Naturally, this new change has stirred up controversy in Austin. Austin Mayor Steve Adler sees this measure as a step in the right direction on the issue of homelessness. However, conservative Governor Greg Abbott does not see eye to eye with the Austin mayor on the matter. In a tweet, Abbott expressed his concern about this change, which he believes could put public safety at risk.

Abbott even declared that “If Austin— or any other Texas city—permits camping on city streets it will be yet another local ordinance the State of Texas will override.”

Adler disagreed with Abbott’s threat stating that “I assume that someone on his staff really didn’t explain to him what it was that we did because we’ve been laser-focused on public safety and public health.”

The Austin mayor added, “Public streets are public streets. And the courts have said that if someone’s not causing a public safety risk or a public health hazard, that they have as much right to be there as anyone else.”

According to a 2018 report, there are more than 2,000 homeless people living in Austin.

Texan urban centers have taken a sharply progressive turn in the last few years.

BLP previously reported how the Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot is planning to no longer prosecute petty crimes.

These policies are typical of leftist bastions which exhibit certain features typical of failed states. These governments refuse to provide basic functions such as public order or defend property rights.

This creates a form of political chaos where the law-abiding are ultimately punished, while the criminals are rewarded for their misbehavior.

Austin is by far the most progressive urban center in Texas, but it is often a trend-setter, albeit in a bad way, for public policy that is adopted across the state.

Austin’s new homeless policy is one idea that other cities in Texas should completely avoid.





Rival Candidate Spreads Fake News Attacks Against Anti-Lockdown Hero Shelley Luther



Shelley Luther, the candidate for Texas’ Senate District 30, is beginning to face heat from her rivals in the Senate seat’s special election.

One of her opponents, Drew Springer, the State Representative for Texas’s 68th District, called her out for supposed hypocrisy on the Wuhan virus lockdowns.

On Facebook he commented, “Shelley Luther sang a different tune about forced COVID-19 shutdowns before she realized she could use it for her political benefit.

While she thought her record could be deleted from Facebook, there was only so long she could hide. #ShutdownShelley

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Springer referred to a comment Luther made on March 16 where she said “Just my opinion. If some major cities are closing down building where large gatherings occur, then EVERY city should. The problem will not fix if some people are out and about.”

However, several users commenting on Springer’s Facebook post were quick to point out some nuances in Luther’s comments.

The main gist of their comments was that Luther said that it didn’t make any sense for a few venues to remain open and others not be closed.  In essence, she was calling for policy consistency, not for selective enforcement of lockdowns.

Luther made a name for herself earlier this year when she resisted the city of Dallas’ shutdown order and continued operating her business in defiance of this ordinance.

She would later face jail time for her refusal to comply but would later be pardoned by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Luther has received endorsements from organizations such as Texas Gun Rights PAC for her staunch liberty activism and commitment to American principles such as the Second Amendment.

The Dallas salon owner is one of the more high-profile state level candidates running for office and has become a national figure of resistance against the Wuhan virus lockdowns.

A Luther victory would represent a major win for Texas conservatives who have been disappointed with the legislative body’s performance over the years.

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