Homicide Detectives Investigate Fish Tank Cleaner Death As Speculation Swirls Surrounding Surviving Wife

A few weeks ago, a man died and his wife ended up in the hospital because they drank fish tank chemicals. The wife blamed the incident on Trump because he was touting the drug hydroxychloroquine, which the media claimed to be in the fish tank chemical.

The husband’s death is now being investigated by homicide detectives in Arizona, a turn of events that some saw coming from a mile away.

While doing some digging into the story, some pundits found a lot of strange circumstances that didn’t add up. Evidence seemed to show the wife to be lying and violent, and to have a possible motive.

We reported on many of these strange circumstances here at Big League Politics.

First, hydroxchloroquine was not in the fish tank chemical. Chloroquine phosphate, an entirely different compound, was in the fish tank chemical.

The mainstream media conveniently left out this, the most important detail of the story. They instead tried to push the moronic narrative that Trump was somehow at fault.

Second, Trump did not tell anyone to take this. Trump was just giving information about what the doctors were telling him about the possible effectiveness of this drug.

It is beyond obvious that random people shouldn’t just start scarfing down hydroxycholroquine because the President said it might be an effective treatment. One would have to be a complete moron to do such a thing.

Third, there’s plenty of reason to believe that this woman was completely lying when she said that she was listening to Trump’s supposed instructions to take the substance.

She was not only not a fan of Trump, but she had donated to Democratic causes in the not so distant past. That doesn’t fit the MO of someone who might take Trump’s suggestions to heart.

And fourth, the couple had a not so solid marital history. The wife not only had a history of domestic violence against her husband, but was also recently wanting to divorce him.

This entire story, from beginning to end, was botched by the mainstream media. (Although, ‘botched’ infers carelessness, when in actuality this was in all likelihood intentional misreporting.)

Now that the truth has come out and homicide detectives are investigating, we might be finding out that this was a homicide or some other nefarious act.

The only thing we can count on for sure, though, is that the media will have nothing to do with this story from here on out.



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