Hong Kong Officer Fires Live Rounds at Freedom Protesters, Wounding One Man in the Chest

A Hong Kong protester was hit by a live round and wounded in the chest today, as the freedom protests in the city become more violent.

A protest group, Demosisto, posted a video on social media that seemed to show a law enforcement official pointing a handgun at the chest of a protester point blank and firing it.

The video can be seen here from different angles [viewer discretion is advised]:

A police official validated what was seen on video, and confirmed that a police officer discharged a gun in the Tsuen Wan area, and a protester was stricken as a result. The victim is reportedly fighting for his life at the Princess Margaret hospital in Kwai Chung in critical condition.

Although officers had fired warning shots into the air during other protests, this is the first time a protester has been shot with a live round by police since the freedom protests kicked off in June.

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority has said that, in addition to the man in critical condition, 15 others had been hospitalized with injuries as a result of the day’s clashes. The protests were particularly lively to make a statement to China during the 70th anniversary of the communist party coming into power.

The Civil Human Rights Front, an organization that has organized some of the largest freedom rallies throughout Hong Kong, urged protesters to dress in black and treat the anniversary as a “day of grief.”

“Today we are out to tell the Communist Party that Hong Kong people have nothing to celebrate,” said activist Lee Cheuk-yan, who led the central march.

“We are mourning that in 70 years of Communist Party rule, the democratic rights of people in Hong Kong and China are being denied. We will continue to fight,” he added.

President Donald Trump actually congratulated China for their anniversary in a tweet earlier today.


Big League Politics has covered the Hong Kong protests since their outset over over a controversial extradition bill that would have appeased communist China:

ZeroHedge reports that citizens of Hong Kong have been out in the streets protesting an extradition bill put forward by City Executive Carrie Lam.

This bill, the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019, which was introduced on February 2019, would have made it easier to transfer fugitives to Mainland China and subject them to Chinese law.

Many of the demonstrators worried about the increased risk of Hong Kong citizens and foreign nationals passing through the city being shipped off to mainland China, where they would stand trial in Chinese courts.

Some analysts such as Agnes Chow argued that if this bill were to pass, Hong Kong “will be over.”

Lam actually yielded to the pressure and has suspended the extradition bill indefinitely. However, there is reason to believe that this bill will be making a comeback in the near feature. There is tremendous pressure from China to ram this bill through, which could put Hong Kong independence in jeopardy.

Despite Lam’s concession on Saturday, June 15, 2019, protestors continued to come out in force. On Sunday, 2 million people marched in protest demanding that Lam resign for introducing such a bill.

The Hong Kong freedom protests have been a black eye to China, during a time in which they are economically vulnerable due to the trade war initiated by President Trump.

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