House Committee Passes Rule Prohibiting Pentagon From Funding Pro-Censorship Organizations

At the end of June, the House Armed Services Committee approved a regulation that prohibits the Pentagon from allocating funds to organizations directly or indirectly involved in online censorship. This news occurred during early June 22, 2023 when the committee voted for the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act.

Georgia Congressman Rich McCormick introduced the amendment, which specifically names the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), Graphika, NewsGuard, and related organizations as banned from gaining access to Pentagon funds. These organizations are accused of flagging and reviewing online content for the dissemination of “disinformation” using biased criteria. 

McCormick was thoroughly satisfied with the passage of his amendment, declaring, “Proud to pass my amendment that prohibits the Department of Defense from contracting with any one of a number of ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ monitors that rate news and information sources. While these media monitors claim to be nonpartisan, the reality is they are not.”

Basically, the amendment bans the Department of Defense from engaging in or financing any agency that is actively involved in pushing for censorship or blacklisting of news sources on justifications that may be subjective or politically biased. In addition, advertising and marketing agencies, which the Department of Defense uses for recruitment campaigns, must promise that they do not use the services these kinds of organizations provide.

Ultimately, the only way to protect free speech in America is by punishing entities that violate this liberty. The time for debate is over. It’s time to use strong legislation to severely castigate political misbehavior. 

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