House Committee Report Exposes Global Social Media Censorship Regime

According to new documents put forward by the United States House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, the government of Brazil has been issuing censorship orders to X and other US-based social media platforms.  

The report in question is titled “The Attack on Free Speech Abroad and the Biden Administration’s Silence: The Case Of Brazil.”

The second part of this report highlighted that as recently as in April, X, in addition to Rumble, were served a total of ten orders to implement censorship policies on accounts. In Rumble’s case, it was served 9 censorship orders. Both companies rejected these orders.

Didi Rankovic of the Reclaim the Net noted that accounts which were subjected to censorship protocol, included Monark (described as the “Joe Rogan” of Brazil), in addition to leading opposition figures, parliamentarians, political pundits, radio stations, and a notable gospel singer.

All of these figures have the common link of questioning the legitimacy of the Brazilian presidential election of 2022 or backing then-incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro. 

The latest wave of censorship orders were sent out on the grounds that the supporters of Bolsonaro and election integrity skeptics were connected to the events of January 8, 2023 — largely viewed as Brazil’s version of January 6 in the US . In addition, they’re viewed as disseminators of so-called “disinformation.”

On top of the demands for the accounts to be suspended within two hours, the social media platforms received threats about receiving daily fines roughly worth $19,700. The censorship demands consisted of the accounts being blocked and demonetized for allegedly spreading “disinformation.”

Furthermore, X and Rumble were supposed to hand over information dealing with payouts and registration to Brazilian authorities.

In announcing the shocking findings of these documents, the House Select Subcommittee highlighted the role Brazil’s Superior Electoral Court President and Supreme Federal Court justice Alexandre de Moraes played throughout this entire ordeal. 

This Subcommittee was established to investigate Big Tech collusion with the federal government in the US. It stressed that this censorship phenomenon is not limited to Brazil and other countries.

“Like Brazil, the Biden Administration has attacked journalists, political opponents, and Americans across the political spectrum in an attempt to silence the Administration’s many critics,” a press release highlighted.

Indeed, the fight to preserve free speech is global in nature. Because of the rise of globalism, the ruling classes of countries across the globe are interconnected and are generally pursuing the same anti-freedom agenda. 

In light of this harsh reality, it would behoove members of the American Right to study examples of censorship abroad to understand the type of enemy they’re facing. After all, the censorship that’s happening in places like Canada, Brazil, and the European Union will likely make its way here if the ruling class is not kept in check. 

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