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House Freedom Caucus Leader: It’s Time to ‘Unmask’ and Reject ‘Oppressive’ COVID-19 Mandates

Andy Biggs has had enough of lockdown insanity.



Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is telling the people of Arizona that it is time to “unmask” and reject “oppressive” shutdown mandates related to COVID-19 mass hysteria.

He made the declaration on Wednesday in a series of Twitter posts:

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Biggs is up against weak-willed RINOs in his state who have succumbed to the fear and doggedly refuse to let Arizona open back up.

Big League Politics has reported on the extreme cowardice of Gov. Doug Ducey in particular as he has acquiesced to unconstitutional shutdown policies throughout the scamdemic:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that the state will re-institute a set of lockdown restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus, as the spread of the Chinese virus spikes throughout the southwestern state.

Bars, gyms, movie theaters, water parks, and water tubing will be ordered closed by the state government for thirty further days, with a potential extension of lockdown measures on July 29th if the state determines that the spread virus is still a potent threat.

The start of the school year is being delayed in August, and restrictions on gatherings of large people are being brought back into effect. The governor framed the reinstatement of restrictions as a necessary measure to allow society to reopen in late July.

Governor Ducey had warned that “bad actors would be held accountable” during last week’s gubernatorial press conference, pointing to businesses and event venues that were failing to recognize social distancing requirements after the state allowed a limited reopening of businesses. One popular Scottsdale nightclub, Riot House, has been charged with a misdemeanor and a potential $2,500 fine for allowing patrons to gather in close proximity earlier in the month.

Arizona has become one of the nation’s coronavirus hotspots after largely avoiding an extreme initial outbreak of the virus in the spring. State authorities are citing new daily case rates of almost 4,000, and a total case load of over 70,000 as an imperative for the renewed application of restrictions.

However, the death rate relative to the amount of new cases is far lower than what public health officials have observed earlier in the pandemic and in other states, perhaps suggesting that the new outbreak of COVID-19 cases is occurring primarily among young people who stand a lessened chance of incurring a serious or potentially fatal case of the virus.

Biggs has been calling out the COVID-19 scamdemic for many months, being a rare voice of reason against the excesses of the crippling nationwide lockdown.

“In Arizona, we are seeing tremendous government overreach. The universal mask policies cross the line. The leaders who make these orders are abusing their power and reaching into the private domains of their citizens. On this issue, they certainly resemble autocrats rather than public servants,” Biggs wrote in an op/ed published in June.

“As we look at the fork in the road, something seemingly so simple as a universal mask mandate symbolizes where we can choose to go: on a path of renewed freedom or down the path of untethered government control of every aspect of our lives, which will surely lead to ruin,” he added.

Time has proven Biggs’ words to be correct. It is time to end the lockdown policies and end the insanity before the Bill of Rights and Constitution are destroyed forever.


Democrat Congressmen Introduce Term Limits Legislation for SCOTUS Justices As Trump Prepares Nominee

Interesting timing.



Three Democrat members of Congress are introducing legislation to institute term limits for Supreme Court justices, as President Trump prepares to nominate his third candidate for the court following the death of progressive liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Democrats Joe Kennedy, Ro Khanna, and Don Beyer are proposing legislation that would limit SCOTUS justice to a maximum term of eighteen years on the court.

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Khanna has proposed an idea that would allow Presidents to appoint two judges in each term. “Senior” members of the court would be required to basically retired for every new member of the court.

It’s pretty funny the Democrats are uniting behind these proposals the moment they appear primed to lose control of the Supreme Court for a generation. They weren’t complaining when Obama was trying to replace Antonin Scalia with progressive Merrick Garland, even going so far as claiming that the stealth liberal was entitled to the seat. Reports emerging Friday suggest that President Donald Trump intends to nominate Amy Coney Barrett, a mostly conservative judge with a pro-life and immigration hawk judicial record.

The judicial branch of government is arguably the most flawed element of American governance, and it’s highly questionable how institutions such as the Supreme Court are able to appoint themselves a nearly unlimited amount of political power.

A better reform proposals would be to institute term limits for justices that only go into effect after the current members of the court vacate their seats. Anything else is simply a political power grab.

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