House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Endorses Liberal Who Helped Bring ‘Drag Syndrome’ to Michigan

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) recently announced his endorsement of Peter Meijer to be the Republican nominee for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District.

Meijer has a history of supporting left-wing causes, but he comes from the family that founded the superstore chain with hundreds of locations throughout the Midwest. This was likely the determining factor for McCarthy to issue his endorsement.

“Peter Meijer’s life has been defined by his service to America and his community. Whether serving in the United States Army in Iraq, as a conflict analyst in Afghanistan, leading veteran disaster response teams, or as an advocate for his fellow veterans, Peter Meijer has always stepped up to serve. Peter brings a dynamic skill set to the table which will help us not only fight for the conservative principles we share, but turn them into law. He will make a great Representative for West Michigan, and I am proud to support his campaign,” McCarthy said in a statement.

Meijer came under fire last year after he initially allowed a performance of “drag syndrome” to come to Grand Rapids, Mich. Drag syndrome is a grotesque example of LGBT exploitation in which mentally-handicapped individuals are dolled up in drag, sexualized in a perverse stage show, and gawked at by sodomites.

After receiving a great deal of anger from Republicans throughout West Michigan, Meijer announced that he would not host drag syndrome in his venue. It was already too late though, as they moved to a bigger venue in a different part of town. If Meijer had the courage to put his foot down from the start, he may have been able to stop this showing of extreme degeneracy from taking place.

In addition to facilitating drag syndrome in Michigan, Meijer has also donated to Democrats throughout the state as well. He once donated $1,500 to Democrat state house member Joe Tate. Meijer was also a “Never Trumper” who donated to an organization called “Common Defense,” which was formed to stop the “real threat” in Trump from defeating Clinton in 2016.

“Common Defense was born out of the 2016 U.S. presidential election when military veterans recognized Donald Trump as a real threat,” the Meijer-backed organization wrote on their official website. “We knew that he could win and we mobilized to stop him. Since then, we’ve grown into a powerful movement with more than 150,000 supporters and tens of thousands of veterans and military families across all 50 states.”

Meijer has also served on the board of With Honor, a globalist front group which received millions of dollars from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, close Jeff Epstein associate Leslie Wexner, and gun-grabbing leftist Mike Bloomberg. With Honor also issued contributions to the the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Nancy Pelosi for Congress, and pro-abortion front Emily’s List. Meijer was the public mouthpiece of this subversive organization that was created in part to push the Republican Party leftward.

“Oftentimes, the way some of the political financing goes, bipartisanship and compromising are seen as negatives and are punished,” Meijer told Michigan NPR about his work with the astroturfed corporate PAC bankrolled by liberals.

“The main thing we’re trying to address is the increasing political polarization in the country. … We’re hoping to bring more veterans into Congress with a can-do attitude and a willingness to reach across the aisle to help our country work again,” he added.

Once again, House leadership is intent upon pushing another RINO into the legislature. The swamp will have some reinforcements if Meijer can use his massive inheritance to buy the Congressional seat in Michigan’s third district.

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