House Reaches $1.5 Trillion Budget Plan, Sends Taxpayer Money To Ukraine

Money printer go brrr!

Democrat and Republican House members reportedly reached a $1.5 trillion budget deal overnight to fund the government for the 2022 fiscal year.

The bill includes $730 billion in non-defense funding and $782 billion in defense funding. It also forcibly sends money taxed from American citizens to aid residents of Ukraine.

“This bipartisan agreement will help us address many of the major challenges we face at home and abroad: from COVID-19, to the vicious and immoral attack on Ukraine, to the need to lower costs for hardworking American families,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said in a joint statement. Fears of a government due to a lack of resolution have been imminent, leading the House to pursue a vote on a stopgap government funding bill in order to prevent a shutdown later this week.

“To provide time for the omnibus to be considered in the Senate and enrolled for the president’s signature without a lapse in appropriations, the House Appropriations Committee will introduce a continuing resolution through March 15,” a House Democratic aide apparently told The Hill shortly after midnight. The aide also reportedly told the news organization that congressional negotiators will also “begin assembling omnibus government funding legislation in the next few minutes and expect to post soon thereafter, with a Rules Committee meeting to follow.

”Reuters reported that acting White House budget director Shalanda Young urged members of the House and Senate to quickly act by sending American taxpayer overseas in order to assist Ukraine.

“The bipartisan funding bill is proof that both parties can come together to deliver for the American people and advance critical national priorities,” Young said in a statement.

Young did not appear to offer an explanation of how exactly sending money provided by the taxpayer to foreigners overseas serves to benefit the American people.

In other recent and relevant news, the House is soon expected to vote on the bill to ban Russian energy imports, a move criticized widely as one that will only further exacerbate record-high energy costs.

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