House Republicans Voted to Cut IRS Funding 

On January 9, 2023, House Republicans voted to cut funding for the IRS. This move came after a promise that current Speaker Kevin McCarthy made in 2022 to cut the money Congress approved. 

The bill was passed on partisan lines and would cut tens of billions of dollars originally allocated to the IRS via the Inflation Reduction Act over the next decade. The bill will die in the Senate due to the Democratic majority in the chamber and the White House has already publicly opposed the bill.

“It’s not going to become law, but it makes a very strong political statement,” stated Mark Everson, a former IRS commissioner and current vice chairman at Alliantgroup. He added that the GOP’s partisan hostility towards the IRS divide doesn’t augur well for the agency’s “long-term stability.”

Republicans need to get serious about going to war with the IRS. This is an unconstitutional agency that must be scrapped altogether. Defunding it is a good first step. However, if and when Republicans take back control of all chambers of Congress and the presidency, they must put forward legislation to abolish the IRS altogether. The days of reforming these institutions are over. 

There comes a point when the GOP must start standing up for its voters, and more importantly, start punishing institutions that hurts its voters.

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