Houston Chronicle Attempts to Link Latinos for Trump to ‘White Supremacy’

After an “anti-fascist” group caused Latinos for Trump, a group of Hispanic supporters of President Donald J. Trump, to lose its event venue over false allegations that they were partnering with a racist groups to host an event in The Woodlands, Texas, over the weekend, The Houston Chronicle continued associate the innocent Trump supporters with “white supremacy.”

“The controversy over the event erupted on Wednesday, when an article in the Houston Press detailed allegations that three groups that are claimed to be far-right and conservative — the Texans Against Communism, Texas Patriot Network and Texans United For America — would be attending the convention at the business offices of Gordy Bunch, chairman of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors,” the paper reported Saturday.

Members of Latinos for Trump made a widely-shared video explaining how they had been targeted by an “anti-fascist” group and forced to change venues. The press, including The Houston Chronicle, operated under the assumption that the leftist groups attacking the Trump supporters were being honest and forthright in their claims that Latinos for Trump is associated with “white supremacy.”

The Houston Chronicle took it upon itself to force event attendees, including Texas State Representatives, to disavow white supremacy, despite the obvious nonsensical claim that Latinos for Trump would someone partner with those who harbor racial hatred.

“State Rep. Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, said Saturday morning that the event has nothing to do with white supremacy, and that it is merely conservative Republican Hispanics and Latinos trying to become more active in state and national politics,” the paper said.

In a world of media hyper-partisanship and anti-Trump hatred, what normally would be laughed off as an absurd premise made its way into a prominent local newspaper, as the political left is desperate to paint Trump supporters in negative light.

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