Houston Mayor Mocked for Begging Criminals to “Stay at Home and Chill” During Wuhan Virus Pandemic

Sylvester Turner, the mayor of Houston, has received ridicule for telling criminals to “chill” during the Wuhan Virus pandemic.

On March 30, 2020, Turner told reporters that the safest place for criminals to stay at during the Wuhan Virus outbreak is at home.

“Until the coronavirus is resolved, criminals take a break. Okay. Stay home. Stay home and don’t commit any crimes,” remarked the mayor.

“That way they stay safe and out of jail, and police officers will stay safe and go home to their families. Okay, everybody chill. Crooks, criminals, you chill.”

Turner continued: “Wait ‘til the coronavirus is over and then we’ll all be okay.”

“He did it guys … Democrat Mayor of Houston has put an end to all crime by simply telling criminals to “take a break” and “chill” A truly amazing approach, hopefully you can all sleep better knowing the great actions Mayor Sylvester Turner is taking,” tweeted @stclairashley.


As absurd as Turner’s statement is, this is the typical mindset of the modern-day urban establishment.

They have largely abandoned law and order policies, and now believe that virtue signaling will make crime go away.

The good news is that Texas is still a law and order state, while also having strong gun rights which allow people to defend themselves from criminals.

Should Texas go blue, conservatives should expect politicians to push pro-criminal legislation.

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