Houston Thug Charged With Murder While Out on Bond Is Granted Bond From Jail AGAIN!

A Houston career criminal who was already out of the jail system has been charged with new murder charges, only for the Texas court system to grant him yet another release from jail.

Vernon Menifee is a career criminal with six felony convictions, and a known gang member. He was out of the jail system on pending 2019 felony charges of organized criminal activity and being felon in possession of a weapon when he was arrested and charged with the murder of 29-year old Guy Allen in April.

The alleged murder could’ve been prevented if the repeat felon had been denied bond on the basis of his extensive criminal history, an irony that didn’t escape Andy Kahan of Crime Stoppers.

Finally the court said no more, Mr. Menifee. Every time we keep letting you out on bond you keep reoffending and it gets worse and worse and there’s nothing worse than murder,” said the crime watchdog Kahan.

And yet, even after being charged with murder, Menifee has been granted bond again! 209th Criminal District Court Judge Brian Warren has granted the career criminal a $150,000 bond when he appealed the initial denial of bond. That cost could potentially be well within the financial reach of any homeowner.

It’s unclear if Menifee has bonded out of the Houston jail system as of Monday, which would enable him to commit potential felony crimes. He’s facing more than three separate felony charges for differing alleged criminal incidences.

Fox 26 Houston has reported that more than 60 people have been murdered by existing criminal defendants out of the local justice system on a bail bond, suggesting serious bail bond problems in the Houston court system.

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