How Dumb? Canada Bans Black Rifle Coffee Company in Gun Ban

The Canadian government appears to have banned a coffee company in the nation’s wide-reaching new ban on various forms of firearms deemed by its government to be “assault weapons.”

A listing for the company is found in the country’s law, which singles out thousands of firearm models by name. Somewhere along the line, Black Rifle Coffee Company was identified as a gun manufacturer, even though the company has nothing to do with actually making guns.

Google search records for “Black Rifle Company BRC15B” result in listings for Black Rifle Coffee company, not any firearm. Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee company that describes its mission as “serving coffee and culture to people who love America.”

It’s unclear how the Canadian ban on a coffee company is going to be enforced. It’s probably going to be simply ignored, as the Canadian parliament seems to have merely researched registered corporations that sound like gun manufacturers and slapped them on the ban list without much consideration as to their real business.

The ban was rammed into place in the wake of mass shooting in the nation’s Nova Scotia province, and more than 1,500 models of firearms are included in the ban. In their cavalier rush to ban the guns as soon as possible, the Canadian government appears to have missed several forms of semiautomatic rifle that are common alternatives to the AR-15.

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