How the Deep State Convinced President Trump Not to Fire Insubordinate Defense Secretary Mark Esper

President Donald Trump reportedly wanted to fire Secretary of Defense Mark Esper over his unwillingness to use federal forces to quell race riots that have shaken the nation, but was ultimately convinced by his aides to keep Esper around despite his insubordination.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Trump wanted to fire Esper after his betrayal but was talked out of it after consulting with a series of deep state advisers.

“It was a bad day, the president was close to losing confidence in him,” one administration official told the Journal. “Ultimately, he decided to keep him in place.”

President Trump was elected to keep law-and-order, but the violent Black Lives Matter uprising has caused untold damage for weeks under his watch. This happened due in part to Esper’s dogged unwillingness to deploy troops, even going so far as to undermine Trump’s authority publicly.

Esper was also reportedly preparing a resignation letter to bow out of the administration, but was ultimately talked out of his decision by the same deep state advisers pulling the strings to dictate White House policy.

He stabbed President Trump in the back by undermining his authority at a press conference in which he went off-script and made excuses for rioting thugs laying waste to America.

Big League Politics reported on Benedict Esper’s stunning betrayal:

Defense Secretary Mark Esper has made it clear that the Trump administration will not be intervening with federal forces to put down mobs in cities that have been on fire for days amidst leftist riots and strife.

Esper started his press conference by bemoaning the “horrible crime” committed by police officer Derek Chauvin against serial felon George Floyd in the Minneapolis streets and said all the cops involved should “be held accountable for his murder.”

“With great sympathy, I want to extend the deepest of condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd, for me and the department,” Esper said during a briefing at the Pentagon.

“Racism is real in America, and we must all do our very best to recognize it, to confront it, and to eradicate it,” he added, echoing Black Lives Matter talking points.

Esper made it clear that there are no plans to unleash military on the streets to restore order. He claimed that the emergency going on right now did not indicate the need for this kind of response. Esper is apparently content to let the streets burn, property be destroyed, and law enforcement to be run down in the streets like dogs without intervening.

“The option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. We are not in one of those situations now,” Esper said.

Esper should tell that to retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, the 77-year-old man who was gunned down in the streets by rioting savages on Tuesday morning.

Yet again, President Trump is being undermined by his own administration, which includes many moles and saboteurs working in unison constantly to undermine his authority. Esper appears to be part of this fifth column movement within the White House to keep America from being great again.

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