HOWLEY: Here Are The Democrats Tainted By The Jussie Smollett Hoax

President Donald Trump has announced that the FBI and DOJ will now investigative the Jussie Smollett hate hoax perpetrated by actor Smollett, a close friend of the Obamas who falsely claimed that President Trump’s supporters tried to lynch him with a noose. Smollett actually paid for the rope for the fake noose himself, according to a Chicago police document dump.

What will the FBI and DOJ look into? There’s a whole lot of material for them, especially in light of former Michelle Obama chief of staff Tina Tchen’s texts to Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx on Smollett’s behalf, and Foxx’s fake recusal in the case when those texts came to light. Foxx arranged for charges against Smollett to be dropped in return for 16 hours of community service with the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

Let’s take a look at some of the Democrats who are having a very bad week, courtesy of Jussie:

Barack and Michelle Obama

Disgraced hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett has longstanding ties to the Obamas.

Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx is pulling a favor for the Obamas by getting their “close friend” Jussie Smollett off with no charges.

Jussie Smollett’s sister is also integrally linked to both Tchen and Obama.

Michelle Malkin notes: “White House visitor logs show Jurnee Smollett-Bell paying at least one personal visit to “POTUS/FLOTUS” at their residence in March 2013 while Tchen was serving as a top strategist to both Obamas.”

“If Fox wants to be D.A. or go any further, she’s going to have to kiss the Obamas’ ass,” our source in Chicago politics tells BLP.

Here is Jurnee Smollett Bell’s Instagram post as Barack Obama was leaving office in January 2017:

“Feeling a lot of emotions. I remember meeting then Senator @barackobama 9 years ago. I’d been invited to introduce him in Nevada during the primaries. He was the underdog, the odds were stacked against him. Said he was too young, too black, too different…he was an other. I’ve always been an other so I saw myself in him. My own relative told me I was wasting my time, going state to state, knocking on doors for this guy with the funny name. I can’t tell you how many people hung the phone up on my sister @jazzsmollettwarwell and me as we clocked in our hours, phone banking. Working as if this was a full time job, I worked for free, because this work was food for my soul. They whispered that you couldn’t do it. That we couldn’t do it. And then tried to block you even when we proved them wrong. TWICE. You will go down as the greatest president who did the most with the least help from his “congressional leaders”. So I thank you for being you. Unapologetically. Your very existence demanded that I take the limits off my own. Before you, I lived in a world of boundaries and limits. You were audacious enough to dream big, and demanded we dream even bigger. So thank you for all you’ve given us. We will keep dreaming, keeping fighting, keep knocking on doors, keep traveling and spreading the gospel truth. Because it never was about you, it was about us, the “others”. Yes we can. Yeswe did. Yes we will.#powertothepeople ✊???? #ThanksObama #tbt #mypresident

And here is Jussie Smollett with Obama:

Here is Michelle Obama dancing with Smollett.

Tina Tchen, who intervened on Jussie Smollett’s behalf with Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx, spoke side-by-side with Jussie Smollett’s sister Jurnee at the May 5, 2018 United State of Women Summit in Los Angeles, California.

Tchen is the founder of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which she promoted with Smollett’s sister, bragging that the group raised about $21 million in 100 days.

Prosecutor Kim Foxx is now busted for pretending to recuse herself in the Smollett case after her text history with Tchen came to light.

“The state’s attorney did not formally recuse herself or the office based on any actual conflict of interest,” stated her communications officer Tandra Simonton.

Kamala Harris

Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx appointed Kamala Harris to co-chair her transition committee to office in 2016, according to Cook County records.

Chicago magazine reported in December: “She now counts the rapper Common and singer John Legend as friends, and a while back, when she saw the superstar U.S. senator Kamala Harris across the room at an Emily’s List event and went over to introduce herself, Foxx had barely gotten a word out before Harris interrupted and said, “You’re Kim Foxx! I’ve been watching you.'”

Foxx gave Harris credit for inspiring her campaign in 2016.

Foxx also recently referred to Harris as her “mentor.”

George Soros

Hungarian-born progressive billionaire George Soros gave more than $400,000 to super PAC’s supporting Foxx in the race, which put her in the position to cut Jussie Smollett a sweetheart deal.

Cory Booker

Jussie Smollett’s sister Jurnee Smollett-Bell is a longtime friend of the Obamas like her brother. The actress even visited former president Barack Obama and the First Lady in their residence in 2013, according to White House visitor logs uncovered by Michelle Malkin.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell also recently spoke at an event alongside Tina Tchen, the Michelle Obama chief of staff who intervened in the Cook County Smollett case to get hate hoax charges against Jussie dropped.

Now we know that Jurnee is friends with Democrat senator Cory Booker’s girlfriend Rosario Dawson. (h/t @jennakellyJD)

Here is how Entertainment Tonight Online captioned this Oscar party photo: “The actresses hugged it out at Alfre Woodard’s 7th Annual “Oscar’s Sistahs Soiree presented by Tanqueray No. TEN” in Los Angeles on Feb. 24.”

Here are the two chatting:

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (5593880l)
Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosario Dawson
Alfre Woodard hosts 7th Annual Oscars Sistahs Soiree, Los Angeles, America – 24 Feb 2016

Here, Dawson and Smollett are both featured together in a group photo:

Rahm Emanuel

Tina Tchen, the Michelle Obama chief of staff who intervened in a series of text messages to Jussie Smollett prosecutor Kim Foxx in Cook County, is childhood friends with Rahm Emanuel’s wife.

The Chicago Tribune ran a glowing puff piece on Emanuel’s wife Amy Rule in February 2011 that quoted Tina Tchen, Rule’s suburban Ohio childhood pal:

“Tina Tchen, Michelle Obama’s current chief of staff who has known Rule since they were both teenagers growing up outside Cleveland, said it would be premature to speculate on what Rule might be interested in as a first lady or how she might fill Maggie Daley’s shoes.

She described her friend as poised and an able supporter of her busy husband. She said she didn’t recall Rule being a regular presence at the Obama White House, but said Rule never shied away from appearing with Emanuel at social functions.

Tchen said she’s certain that Rule’s primary concern will be her children, who will finish the school year in Washington before moving back with her to Chicago.

“That’s absolutely her priority,” Tchen said. “She’s incredibly grounded and solid and able to do that with such ease and grace.’”

Chicago Tribune passage ends

The Hollywood Celebrities Who Bankroll Tina Tchen’s TIME’s UP Legal Defense Foundation

The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund offers “Media and Storytelling Assistance” for sexual harassment accusers through the public relations firm SKDKnickerbocker, which has represented Barack Obama and employs members of his former administration.

Luckily, the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund’s first annual report lists the numerous Hollywood celebrities who bankroll Tchen’s fund.

TIME’S UP celebrity “Founding Donors” include:

J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Steven Spielberg’s foundation, Creative Artists Agency, Melinda Gates, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Meryl Streep, Shonda Rhimes, Cate Blanchett, Seth Meyers, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, the “Go Fund Me team,” Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, Nicole Kidman, John Legend, Kate Winslet, Chelsea Handler, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Aziz Ansari, Patricia Arquette, Elizabeth Banks, Lena Dunham, Rosario Dawson, and Jane Fonda.

Here are some highlights from the National Women’s Law Center’s write-up of its own 2018 gala, which featured the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund:

“We heard from TIME’S UP Co-Founder, actress, and writer Amber Tamblyn, who read an original poem, “What I Will Be,” a tribute to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. In her powerful verses, Tamblyn galvanized us: “What I will be is an eruption of movement/ the vitals of vindication/ a momentum brave.”…

We heard from Dr. Blasey Ford’s attorneys, Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, who spoke of the fortifying effect the voices of survivors across the country had on Dr. Blasey Ford as she prepared to give her testimony in the face of extreme pressure.

Anita Hill joined us with a video message, speaking about her own experience testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee 27 years ago, and thanking the millions of survivors who have come forward since…

CNN Political Commentator Symone Sanders took the stage….

Lifelong advocate Tina Tchen introduced the first-ever President & CEO of TIME’S UP, Lisa Borders. Lisa gave her first speech in her new role, emphasizing the hurdles and opportunities that lie ahead.”

National Women’s Law Center passage ends

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition issued a defiant statement late Tuesday night, after the Cook County court dropped hate-hoax charges against actor Jussie Smollett in return for his 16 hours of community service with the Coalition. Smollett faked a hate crime against himself, falsely accusing President Trump supporters of attacking him on the subway and putting a noose around his neck.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is making it clear now that Smollett’s service with the group was not “court-ordered.” This statement further illustrates Democrat defiance, rather than conciliation, in the Smollett hoax, as we learn that Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff Tina Tchen intervened with Cook County state’s attorney Kim Foxx to keep Jussie out of jail. George Soros’ money largely landed Foxx in office in 2016.

Here is the Rainbow PUSH Coalition’s statement from Don Terry:

“The Rainbow PUSH Coalition is an international human rights/civil rights organization that is committed to advancing the human rights of all people.  When we first heard of Jussie Smollett’s crisis, we reached out to him and “Empire” to see if we could be helpful. Jussie met with us and has given of himself to our organization and the movement for social justice.

We have members and supporters across the country and around the world.  Many of our members and supporters give of themselves and their time to help achieve the goals of the organization.  Jussie is a member of our organization.  He, like many other members, has given of his time and talent and continues to do so.  During this period of disruption to his life and livelihood, Jussie has spent time here helping to advance this important work. There was no court-ordered community service here.

Media questions about the rationale for dismissing the charges against Jussie are best directed to his counsel and the Office of the State’s Attorney.  The prosecutors’ decision to dismiss the charges are the prosecutors alone, and Jussie should not be the one to defend the decision.  He has maintained his innocence from the very beginning.

At a time when our city is wrestling with excessive violence and unsolved homicides our resources and energies should be focused there. Any further questions about Jussie Smollett’s case should be directed to his lawyer.

We will continue to reach out to the challenges in our community. We will not stop until there is peace and justice for all.”

Rainbow PUSH Coalition statement ends

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