White Huffington Post Writer Wants To Make Kanye West “Plead The Fifth”

Rap star Kanye West’s amazing tweets about free expression and President Donald Trump are galvanizing independent thinkers around the world to come out of the shadows.

But the Left media chooses not to participate in the harmonic energy spreading the globe, and the barrier-breaking conversations that are happening because people sense the old Order breaking down.

Huffington Post writer Tony Posnanski decides to sit on the sidelines and hate — as new alliances form and new energies animate the populace in righteous and holy upheaval.

Posnanski takes a threatening tone:

Posnanski also seems to feel that Kanye West is not sufficiently black enough for him, Posnanski.

Posnanski is a grown man who wrote a column for the Huffington Post entitled “To The Popular Girl Who Called Me Fat In High School.”

Posnanski’s Huffington Post bio reads: “My name is Tony Posnanski. In 2008 I was over 400 pounds. I wore a 5XL shirt and size 60 pants. Life was hard. I decided to lose weight. I lost over 200 pounds in a year.”

The funny thing that Andrew Breitbart did when he created the Huffington Post is, he knew that liberals would embarrass themselves if given free reign to write anything that they think is life-affirming and bold. Because they would inevitably reveal their angry prejudices.

Kanye West has long rejected threatening authoritarianism from white men who write open letters to girls from high school.


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