HuffPost Accuses Trump of Lying During Border Security Speech BEFORE Speech Even Begins

In terms of consumable media, it doesn’t get much worse than left-wing rag HuffPost. But Ariana Huffington’s former pet project reached a previously unthinkable level of horrendous when it accused President Donald J. Trump of lying during his Tuesday night border security speech – before the speech even happened.

“Here are some of the biggest falsehoods the president is likely to tell on Tuesday,” said the piece.

HuffPost based its assumptions on “mistruths and outright lies” it claims Trump has told about the wall before. To be sure, writing a piece based only on assumptions is neither a standard nor advisable journalistic practice. HuffPost is known for defining the term “journalism” loosely.

The site said that Trump is lying when he says that Democrats want open borders.

“Trump has regularly claimed that Democrats are the ‘party of crime’ and want ‘open borders’ with Mexico, both blatantly false statements. Leading Democrats have argued for years now that a wall along the southern border would be wasteful and ineffective, instead supporting legislation that would increase border security efforts,” it said.

Riddle me this, HuffPost. In the current scenario, the Democrats have the opportunity to definitively close the border. All they have to do is vote to fund a border wall. But they will not vote to definitely close the border. How does that not make them the party of open borders at this very moment?

The site also griped that Trump has said that criminals and terrorists are crossing the border illegally. They say this is a lie. But everyone who crosses the border illegally is a criminal, and Tuesday morning – the same day of publication of the HuffPost piece, NBC said that at least six terrorists crossed the border in the first half of 2018.

The piece goes on like this for about 600 more words. Is it any wonder that Trump calls the mainstream press the enemy of the people?

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