HUGE: 77% Of Americans Support Trump Meeting With Kim Jong Un

Being the man who wrote the book on making deals, President Donald Trump proved his genius in recent weeks in his negotiations with North Korea. To top it all off, President Trump will be meeting with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in the coming weeks.

As it turns out, Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un is a wildly popular idea, with 77% of Americans approving of the decision.

Getting 77% of Americans to agree on anything is hard enough to do. With Donald Trump, it is even harder, as the media will trash almost everything he does. But this issue appears to transcend media bias and political leaning.

President Trump’s handling of North Korea shows his sheer genius when it comes to diplomacy and negotiation. When former President Obama left office, he stated that North Korea would be the “most dangerous and difficult security challenge [Trump] would face.”

Now, less than two years into his Presidency, President Trump has made progress well beyond what anybody expected when he took office. He has negotiated the release of three U.S. citizens being held captive, and wasn’t forced to give North Korea anything to do so. Trump has also been commended by South Korea’s President, who believes that he should receive the Nobel Prize.

Time will tell if peace becomes the norm on the Korean Peninsula. But President Trump is sure making it a real possibility.


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