HUGE: Blasey Ford Contacted The Media BEFORE The Senate

In Thursday morning testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the main accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh admitted that she contacted the Washington Post before sending her confidential letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

“The first [image] is a screenshot of a WhatsApp texting between you and someone at the Washington Post, do you have that in front of you?” asked prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.

“Yes,” Christine Blasey Ford said.

“The first two texts were sent by you on July 6, is that correct?” asked Mitchell.

“Correct,” Ford replied.

But this contradicts the narrative that her first report of the incident was a confidential letter to Feinstein on July 31.

Ford also admitted that prior to July 6, she had not spoken to any elected official, and that she reached out to the paper because she was “panicking” because she “knew the timeline was short for making the decision [on Kavanaugh]” and that her beach friends were giving her advice.


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