HUGE: Mississippi Legislature Passed Heartbeat Bill

A proposed life-saving bill passed a state Senate vote in Mississippi on Wednesday bringing the state one step closer to significantly reducing the number abortions performed.

The bill would make abortion illegal after a heartbeat is detected around six weeks into a pregnancy. The bill would allow abortions for medical emergencies, but reportedly not for cases of rape or incest.

Fortunately, both the House and the Senate proposed similar bills – each passing their respective body. HB-528 sponsored by Rep. Robert Foster is almost identical to the Senate bill co-sponsored by Sen. Angela Hill and Sen. Chris Caughman, reports Life News.

The Republican Governor, Phil Bryant has stated that he would “sign a bill banning abortion as early as six weeks,” according to Clarion Ledger. Tweeting out in January his support for the pro-life movement, Gov. Bryant said “It’s time to pass a Heart Beat Bill in Mississippi and stop this madness about when life begins.”

Governor Bryant also tweeted yesterday in support of the bills:

This huge win for the pro-life fight makes Mississippi just the second state to ban abortion after a heartbeat is detected, following Iowa.

Of course, the abortion giant issued the response from Felicia Brown-Williams, the director of Planned Parenthood Southeast Advocates:

“These bills would ban abortion — outlawing the procedure before most women even know they’re pregnant.  Individual rights and freedoms go to the heart of who we are as a country, including the right to access safe and legal abortion. Mississippians should be able to make their own most personal health care decisions without politicians controlling when, how, or why.”

While the bill on the Senate floor was debated, the question of how much a life is worth was raised from a Republican Senator. Mississippi previously passed a 15 week abortion ban which was taken to court many times. Democrat Sen. Derrick Simmons questioned Republican Sen. Joey Fillingane on his knowledge if  he “was aware Mississippi has spent $1.2 million defending the 15-week abortion ban in court.” At this point, a supporter of the bill, Sen. Michael Watson chimed in rhetorically, “Is it worth $1.2 million? What is a life worth?” according to Live Action.

As Gov. Bryant expressed in his tweet, he is looking forward to signing legislation that protects life inside the womb.

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