HUGE: Palm Beach Sheriff Investigates Handling of Original Epstein Case, Sweetheart Deal

Palm Beach Sheriff Epstein

The Miami Herald, the publication responsible for most of what is known about convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, reveals that the Palm Beach sheriff is investigating his department’s handling of the original 2002 Epstein case that saw the jet-setting billionaire receive only 13 months in prison and the ability to leave the prison for 12 hours a day, six days per week.

As Epstein sits in jail awaiting trial, Palm Beach Sheriff Ric Bradshaw has opened an investigation into his own department’s handling of the original 2002 case.

The Miami Herald reported:

On Friday, Sheriff Ric Bradshaw — the same sheriff who oversaw the controversial work release arrangement — ordered the investigation be done.

“Sheriff Bradshaw takes these matters very seriously and wants to determine if any actions taken by the deputies assigned to monitor Epstein during his work release program violated any agency rules and regulations, during the time he was on PBSO work release program,” a news release said.

In the middle of the previous decade, Epstein was investigated for allegedly abusing young girls who were lured to his Palm Beach estate by recruiters. The girls, as young as 14, were told they would be giving a man a massage, then allegedly coerced into sex acts.

Epstein’s new case centers around child trafficking, and multiple women have come forward accusing Epstein of abusing and trafficking them as teenagers.

President Bill Clinton famously flew on Epstein’s private jet, dubbed The Lolita Express by media covering the story in the early 2000s, at least 26 times. It has also been reported that President Clinton would sometimes abandon his Secret Service security while on these jaunts with Epstein.

Epstein has been denied bail by a New York judge after a fraudulent passport discovered in his home gave prosecution the opportunity to claim he is a flight risk. Epstein had previously offered several assets, including his New York mansion, as collateral for him to be released on house arrest.

Big League Politics reported:

The prosecution claimed this fake passport clearly made Epstein a flight risk, as he is apparently able to obtain fraudulent documents that could allow him to escape the reach of the federal government, even if released on house arrest.

Epstein had previously offered his mansion and several of his family’s assets in an attempt to be released on house arrest.

Prosecution also claimed the case against Epstein is “getting stronger every single day” as more evidence against Epstein is gathered and more victims come forward.

Big League Politics will continue to follow the case against Epstein as it moves closer to trial.


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