HUGE POLL: Trump’s Approval Climbs 10 Points Among Hispanics After Zero Tolerance Border Policy

Recent weeks have brought about heated debate on immigration, specifically relating to child separations at the border. One group that was listening are Hispanic Americans, who in response caused Trump’s approval rating to climb 10 points among their demographic. The poll, conducted by Harvard CAPS/Harris show Trump’s overall approval climbing to 47 percents, largely due to increased support among Hispanics.

While conventional wisdom might make it seem as though heightened border security would be unpopular among Hispanic communities, the numbers show otherwise. Polling conducted by Zogby Analytics in November of 2016 shows that 58.5 percent of Hispanics say they “support Donald Trump’s immigration policies,” while 32.9 percent said they “support Hillary Clinton’s immigration policies.”

The polling showed that while Trump’s immigration policy is popular among Hispanics, very few polled said they liked him as a person. This could perhaps be shifting, and have to do with his increased polling among Hispanics.

While the shift among Hispanic support likely could have to do with his hard-line take on immigration in recent weeks, it is hard to be sure. It could also have to do with the stronger economy, or President Trump’s recent summit with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un.

Regardless of the reason, this news is making Democrat claims of a “blue wave” harder to make.

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