Hulu Deletes Tweet About ‘Cultural Appropriation’ After Internet Savaging

A popular television and movie streaming service was forced to delete a Tweet imploring Americans to wear “appropriate and respectful” Halloween costumes after discovering that thousands of Americans are not interested in being told what to do.

“If you’re dressing up for #Huluween this year, this is your reminder to wear a costume that is culturally appropriate and respectful to others. Let’s celebrate the holiday in a way that we can all enjoy,” Hulu said in the now-removed Tweet.

The Tweet had more than 3,700 replies and only 366 likes, commonly referred to on Twitter as a “ratio,” which has a negative connotation. Though the Tweet is now deleted, some of the replies are still active.

“Is this Handmaid’s Tale costume appropriate? My friend and I want to wear it for our podcast,” said author Christina Hoff Sommers.

“Hey thanks for the reminder. It reminded me to cancel my Hulu subscription,” replied another Twitter user.

Another user, Noel Dolan, gave Hulu a brief history lesson.

“First, is an appropriation of an Irish/Celtic tradition called Halloween (Samhain). Second, you’re regressive liberal a**holes,” he said.

Hulu appears to have learned their lesson. Social justice talking points are not as a popular outside of Silicon Valley as they might have thought.

The company did not respond to a comment request.

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