Hundreds of Conservatives Gather for ‘Squash Amash’ Rally Outside of His Michigan Office

Approximately 200 Michigan conservatives gathered today to “Squash Amash,” demonstrating to the pro-impeachment Congressman that they want him booted from office for giving cover to the Democrats.

The grassroots patriots rallied outside of Amash’s office in downtown Grand Rapids, MI this afternoon where an energized audience made their voices heard in the 3rd Congressional District.

Photos from the lively event can be seen here:

Conservative leaders addressed the hundreds in attendance. Diane Schindlbeck, leader of the West Michigan Republicans, boasts that there will be “larger turnouts” and “more votes” for Trump in 2020 despite Amash’s sabotage campaign.

“I love what President Trump says about Amash: he’s a lightweight loser. Go home, this is Kent County, this is Michigan, this is Trump country!” Schindlbeck exclaimed.

“What you’re doing here today is an amazing display of patriotism. It’s democracy at work,” said Jeff Webb of the New American Populist, who spoke after Schindlbeck.

The co-founders of the conservative blog, 100 Percent Fed Up spoke briefly as well about Amash’s lies to harm President Trump.

“The Mueller report that Justin Amash is using as an excuse to say that he wants to join the Democrats in impeaching President Trump was written and investigated by Hillary Clinton-supporting lawyers,” tea party activist Patty McMurray said.

“If you didn’t read the Mueller report, it doesn’t really matter because you know what’s in the Mueller report because it was written by Hillary Clinton supporters,” she added.

Meshawn Maddock of the Michigan Trump Republicans led chants of “Lock Her Up” and “Squash Amash” among event attendees. She also had the patriots in attendance wish President Trump a happy birthday, as he turns 73 today.

Amash’s primary challengers, State Rep. Jim Lower and veterans’ rights advocate Thomas Norton, were at the event introducing themselves to individuals who may very well be their future constituents.

The Michigan Trump Republicans, the group tasked with organizing the anti-Amash rally, are not endorsing any specific primary challenger against Amash, but they are pushing the website for the latest updates on how to boot him from his Congressional seat in 2020.

Video of the event can be seen here.

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