Hungarian Foreign Minister Believes European Union Will Bankroll Proxy War in Ukraine for Four More Years

In a video that was posted online, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó asserted that the member nations of the European Union are expecting to finance the war in Ukraine for at least another four years to the tune of €5 billion annually.

In the video, Szijjártó noted that “The European Union thinks that there will be war in Ukraine for another four years. How many people will die in four years? How many Hungarians will die in four years? And how much more devastation will be created in four years that someone will then have to repair?” 

Slovakian Foreign Minister Miroslav Wlachovský immediately responded to the Hungarian foreign minister’s video, declaring “Dear Péter, please do not tell what other people think before you ask them. EU consists of 27 countries. I don’t recall any debate when we said the war will continue for 4 years. War can stop tomorrow. EU is not a problem, Russia is a problem.”

Wlachovský continued “Russians, go home! Let there be peace! 1956,” referring to the Hungarian uprising of that year that the Soviet Union ended up crushing.

Hungarian Minister of State Tamás Menczer responded  to Wlachovský’s post declaring “Minister Wlachovsky either has a bad short-term memory — and this is a benign assumption — or he is lying.”

Menczer further called attention to how EU foreign ministers agreed during their last meeting to propose funding weapons shipments to Ukraine for the next four years at a total cost of €20 billion.

“The Slovak foreign minister did not oppose the proposal,” Menczer added, then putting forward the question “If there will be no war in the next four years, why should there be financing for arms supplies?”

“The Hungarian position is unchanged: We want an immediate ceasefire and peace,” Menczer said in a concluding remark.

For Ukrainian President Volodomyr,  “As long as the war continues, nothing can be enough,” so he will continue demanding military aid. According to Steve Watson of Summit News, Ukraine has “received an estimated €165 billion ($185.6 billion) from Western nations, including the U.S.” 

The Hungarians are right here to call for peace. There’s no need to continue this reckless conflict which could have nuclear implications. Moreover, this Russo-Ukrainian conflict only serves the interests of the Anglo-American axis who desire a divide-rule dynamic on the European continent. They ultimately want to see Russia permanently detached from European affairs, which is not to the benefit of the Old Continent. 

Hungary is the only country in Europe that gets this and it has taken reasonable stances to ensure peace and stability in this area. 

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