Hungarian Foreign Minister Calls for NATO to Prevent a Direct Conflict with Russia

In early April, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Hungary will do everything possible to warn its NATO partners about the necessity of using diplomacy to prevent a direct conflict with Russia. He made these remarks upon arriving in Brussels to meet with the foreign ministers in other NATO member states. 

“The meeting of NATO foreign ministers is about to start. We have come here in the hope that no one will cast doubt on the relevance of our earlier joint decision that NATO isn’t a party to the war that is going on in our neighborhood and that we need to do everything possible to avert a direct conflict between NATO and Russia,” the Hungarian foreign minister said in a Facebook post. 

Hungary is the last sane nation left in the European Union and NATO. Both its domestic and foreign policies are commendable. They’re guided by a pursuit of the country’s national interest and the preservation of its demographic core. Many Western countries could learn a thing or two from the Hungarian model, which stresses realism and nationalism. 

Such a model could prevent many of these nations from descending into a demographic collapse or a very preventable case of imperial overreach. 

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