Hungarian Foreign Minister Says Nuclear Rhetoric About Ukraine is Dangerous

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto believes that nuclear talk surrounding Ukraine is extremely dangerous. During a speech at the  American Chamber of Commerce in Budapest on  April 3, 2023 Monday, Szijjarto declared that “The risk of military escalation [in Ukraine] is now greater than ever. Openly mentioning nuclear capabilities is simply dangerous.” 

He is of the view that if the Russo-Ukrainian conflict goes nuclear, Europe, not the US, will be the most impacted.  For that reason, the Hungarian government has called on the relevant parties involved in the conflict to establish peace talks. 

Hungary’s leading diplomat called attention to how Hungary is still in the minority on the conflict in Ukraine among European Union nations. He stressed that Hungary would not send weapons to Ukraine. On top of that, Szijjarto noted how EU sanctions have largely blown up in the bloc’s face. 

“Europe’s competitiveness has been undermined,” the foreign minister proclaimed. While the conflict is a regional affair, all of Europe is suffering as a result of it, Szijjarto stressed.

The Hungarian foreign minister also warned about the possibility of a East-West bloc division occurring due to the Collective West’s fanatic foreign policy against both Russia and China. The Hungarian foreign minister highlighted how Hungary will pursue a multi-vector economic policy and build favorable relations with both China and the US.

All told, Szijjarto’s comments are those of a sane statesman and a country that has a realist foreign policy. Hopefully, more countries in the Collective West will follow in Hungary’s footsteps and reject neoconservative/neoliberal fanaticism. 

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