Hungarian Foreign Minister Says Peace Talks in Ukraine Won’t Start for a Long Time

On February 14, 2023, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said France and other Western countries want Ukraine to continue its military actions for an indefinite period of time. He believes that peace talks will only begin when Ukraine starts achieving a more favorable position on the battlefield. 

“We would like to see an immediate ceasefire and the launch of peace talks,” he expressed during an interview with Hungarian journalists on February 14.  Szijjarto made the remarks after talks with French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna in Paris. “It appears that France’s position, as well as positions of all other European states, differs from ours.”

Szijjarto declared that Western countries “expect more favorable conditions for the start of talks to be created in Ukraine.”

“We do not believe in this. We think that human suffering must end immediately. Peace is needed right now,” the Hungarian foreign minister declared. Szijjarto added that both Hungary and France desire peace in Ukraine, but have different views on how to achieve peace in Ukraine. 

Indeed, the Collective West is not particularly keen about bringing peace to Ukraine. It’s more concerned with giving Russia a bloody nose by turning Ukraine into a NATO proxy army. With how fanatically anti-Russian the West has become, Szijjarto’s calls for restraint are largely falling on deaf ears here. 

In all likelihood, Hungary will continue to be on its own as far as European countries are concerned with regards to taking a more balanced approach with Russia.

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