Hungarian PM Orbán Declares Victory Against George Soros’ Political Empire

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán declared victory against the political influence empire of globalist oligarch George Soros in a letter released over the weekend, citing the Hungarian-born financier’s failure in an attempt to strip Poland and Hungary of their fair share of European Union funding.

Soros had sought to compel other member-states of the EU to strip Hungary and Poland of their fair share of coronavirus stimulus funds, citing the central European nation’s opposition to mass immigration and gender ideology. Orbán had previously called out the megabillionaire as an “economic criminal” and one of the “most corrupt people in the world,” citing the progressive financier’s enduring campaign against Hungary’s national conservative government.

Soros had sought to convince EU parliamentarians to alter budgetary rules, requiring a two-thirds majority to pass a budget in the European Parliament. Existing rules require unanimous consent to pass a European budget, allowing Hungary and Poland to veto budget attempts that strip them of funding for opposition to immigration and left-wing gender ideology. Liberals in the EU gave up on their attempt to sanction the two countries this week.

George Soros is shedding crocodile tears. While this will not return the money that the speculator has stolen from millions of people, families and businesses, it does provide some modest satisfaction. The most corrupt man and network in the world has good reason to be disappointed. Europe has not surrendered; Soros’ grandiose plan has been suspended by the European Council,” Orbán wrote in his letter.

The longtime Fidesz Prime Minister remains wary of the threat of the oligarch’s liberal vision of global governance.

Who will govern Europe in the future? That’s what was really at stake at last week’s meeting. Will Europe be governed by the governments elected by the citizens of Member States and their council, or will Soros succeed in building a new power structure? A network of NGOs disseminating liberal, post-national and post-Christian ideas, along with the mainstream left-wing and right-wing media conveying and reinforcing their ideas; a significant group of MEPs; the Soros envoys brought to the Commission; and a so-called rule of law mechanism linking them all together.”

Soros’ political measure to condition EU stimulus funds would’ve deprived citizens of Hungary and Poland of relief in the midst of the pandemic for insufficient allegiance to the leftist billionaire’s progressive ideology.

The decision of the European Council last week was an open declaration of opposition to György Soros’ attempt to take power. Political issues cannot be linked to financial issues, subjective criteria cannot be the basis for financial decisions, and the legal procedure laid down in the Treaty of the European Union cannot be circumvented Soros-style. The European Union has maintained its unity and won.

Soros has faced official sanction in Hungary for accessory to human smuggling, in addition to a conviction in France for insider trading. His political interference group was forced to move its Budapest headquarters to Germany following the enactment of a “Stop Soros” law that levies a tax on pro-migration NGO’s for undermining Hungary’s borders.

Orbán concluded by encouraging European political leaders to send Soros back to America, a proposition complicated by Soros’ political interference efforts and corrupt dealings on the other sides of the Atlantic.

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