Hungarian PM Orban Issues Another Dire Warning For The West

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary since 2010.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long been the subject of ire from the globalist class, primarily because he has the gal to look after his own countrymen instead of unassimilable foreigners or whoever the globalist elite favor that week. Indeed, even former countryman turned globalist shill George Soros attempted to influence the recently concluded Hungarian election, in which Orban and his party Fidesz increased their supermajority in Parliament by two seats despite the actual foreign influence. During his inaugural speech following the formation of the new term of the Hungarian government, Orban solidified his nationalist credentials by warning the rest of the West what it faces on its current trajectory.

According to Summit News, Orban issued a perilous prediction of where the West is headed towards if it decides to continue to commit civilizational suicide. Indeed, with an almost total collapse of Christianity, half a century of sub-replacement fertility rates and millions of economic migrants flooding in, it would seem that the West faces what could be accurately described as an existential crisis.

“Everything that has happened since 2020 points in one direction: Europe and the Hungarian people in it have entered an age of danger,” said Orbán. “The decade began with the coronavirus epidemic and continued with the war. The sanctions from the war brought an economic downturn.”

Orban also touched on the specific subject of the decline of Christianity specifically in Europe.

“Such is the program of the great European population exchange, the essence of which is to replace the missing Christian children with migrants. Such an experiment is a program of gender madness and a liberal Europe that transcends nation-states and Christianity, and puts nothing in their place,” said Orbán.

Indeed, when it comes to combatting natural population decline, Orban’s Hungary has taken a markedly different approach compared to most Western countries. Instead of relying on mass immigration to bolster the general population and labor force, Hungary seems firmly intent on producing the next generation locally. So far, the pro-natalist policies pursued by Fidesz have produced very noticeable success, with fertility rates far higher than what any statistical extrapolation could have ever predicted.

How long Hungary, a landlocked country with fewer than 10 million people, can hold its own amidst such a sustained globalist onslaught still remains to be seen. Having said that, it would seem that most of their people appear willing to do what it takes to preserve Hungary as a distinct and unique country.

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