Hungarian Prime Minister Calls on European Union to Discard Anti-Russian Sanctions

According to a statement released by Hungarian press secretary to the Prime Minister Bertalan Havasi, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called on the European Union and its respective member state leaders to start discussions on the reconsideration of sanctions levied against Russia.

Orban took part in a video conference with fellow EU leaders as part of preparation for the EU summit that was held in Brussels from February 9 to 10. “Regarding Ukraine, Viktor Orban again called for the immediate ceasefire and peaceful talks and for substantive political debates regarding sanctions introduced by Brussels, which are destroying the European economy,” Havasi stated, per a report by the MTI news agency.

President of the European Council Charles Michel, the president of Bulgaria, and the prime ministers of Poland, Belgium, Finland and Malta participated in the videoconference with Urban, the press secretary stated. The EU summit discussed the conflict in Ukraine, the current economic climate in Europe, and handling illegal immigration. 

Hungary is one of the last bastions of realism left in Europe.

The Collective West is totally entranced by the spell of neoconservatism and neoliberalism, which makes it pursue reckless foreign policy actions.

Russia is no Third World backwater like Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. It’s a nuclear power with the ability to project devastating power in its own backyard. Policymakers in the Collective West have yet to grasp this, to the world’s peril. 

Will sober minds finally take control and correct course in Ukraine? Time will only tell. 

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