Hungarian Prime Minister Ready To Bust Up EU If Mass Immigration is Enforced

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is one of the right-wing nationalist leaders rising in Europe, and he is not going to bow to the European Commission and its army of bureaucrats who are threatening the West.

Orban made it clear this week that breaking up the European Union is on the table if the globalist bureaucratic entity does not refrain from importing third-world Muslim migrants into nations throughout Europe.

“If we are left alone and they do not force islamisation on us, Europe can continue to live as the club of free nations,” Orban said, but added the proviso that if Brussels forces Hungary “to accept the UN migration pact or the European Commission’s decisions so as to make us fit their own Western concessive policies, a breakup [of the EU] cannot be ruled out.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in an uproar over Orban’s strong comments and rising leadership profile. Her Christian Democratic Union is considering kicking Orban to the curb because his Fidesz party conducted a poster campaign against the oft-sloshed European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

“Clearly, Fidesz has to change course if it wants to avoid expulsion,” said Detlef Seif, a CDU parliamentary member. “It has to admit that it made a mistake with this poster campaign.”

The Fidesz party now is at risk of getting the boot from the European People’s party, which is currently the biggest political order within the European Parliament.

While the globalists may think they are accomplishing something with their consternation of this nationalist leader and his burgeoning political party, they may be falling into a trap that will strengthen Orban’s rule and exacerbate his influence across Europe.

“It’s easy to throw someone out — but then what?” one senior German official said to the Financial Times. “What will happen if Fidesz teams up with the anti-European forces in the EU parliament and makes them stronger?”

“Expulsion would only benefit the left and strengthen the extreme right,” MP Seif said.

Orban knows that he holds all the cards and is playing a mean game of 4D chess on these silly bureaucrats as their delusions of grandeur blow up in their faces.

“The debate may end up with [Fidesz] finding its place not within but outside the People’s party,” Orban said. “If we need to start something new . . . then obviously the first place to hold talks will be in Poland.”

Orban was a student freedom fighter against communist tyranny when he was in college before the liberation of Hungary. He has obviously not lost his youthful ethos as he continues to wage war on behalf of freedom – this time against a cabal of international corporate bureaucrats who desperately need to be cut down to size.

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