Hungary is Not Ready to Accept Sweden’s Entry Into NATO

On May 23, 2023, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that Hungary is not ready to consider the matter of Sweden’s accession into NATO due to several diplomatic disputes it has with the Nordic nation. 

“Political relations between Hungary and Sweden are now very bad and first we should improve them so as not to bring conflicts into NATO. When we settle the differences between the two countries, we will be ready to support [Sweden’s accession to NATO]. But, in principle, we support this step,” he said during the Qatar Economic Forum.

The parliamentary factions of the ruling Fidesz – Hungarian Civil Alliance party said previously that the parliament would ratify the agreement on Sweden’s entry into NATO during its spring session.

Hungary’s government and parliament have repeatedly taken Swedish politicians to task for criticizing Hungary’s alleged deviation from democracy and urging that Hungary be deprived of EU funds.

On March 27, Hungary’s parliament approved the agreement on Finland’s entry into NATO but delayed consideration of Sweden’s NATO application. The Hungarian government previously said that it backed  Sweden’s entry into the military alliance but needed to sort out the issue with the parliament.

Finland and Sweden submitted applications for NATO membership in May 2022, declaring that the move was spurred by Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine. Sweden’s NATO application has additionally been blocked by Turkey, which has urged Sweden to take more stringent measures against Kurdish extremists who have sought refuge in the country.

Adding Sweden into NATO is just asking for another country to become a sacrificial lamb for NATO’s diabolical plan to expand at all costs. 

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