Hungary Opposes Several Provisions of the European Union’s 11th Sanctions Package

On May 22, 2023, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced Hungary’s opposition to several critical provisions in the 11th package of sanctions on Russia hammered out by the European Commission. 

He noted that “Brussels should have learned from the consequences of sanctions.”

“Sanctions are more harmful to Europe than they are to Russia and I think that the 10th package of sanctions should not be followed by the 11th one, which would turn out to be a true test for Europe in general and the economy of European countries,” Szijjarto said to Hungarian reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with other EU foreign ministers. 

Szijjarto’s press conference went live on his Facebook page.

Szijjarto added that Hungary opposed further restrictions for European companies in terms of Russian goods trade, in addition to sanctions on Chinese companies suspected of working with Russia.

Hungary is smart to oppose further sanctioning of Russia. The sanctions have not prevented Russia from consummating its military operation in Ukraine. On top of that, the sanctions have been a total own goal for Europe as energy costs have gone through the roof and the working class is being put in an economic pinch. 

Overall, Hungary should be the country that all of Europe should follow in terms of foreign policy decision-making. It’s what will keep the Old Continent from sleepwalking into a geopolitical disaster.

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