Hungary Opposes the Imposition of Additional Sanctions on Russia

Following talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto believes that there is no reason to continue pursuing sanctions against Russia.

 “Our position is crystal clear. We don’t see any rational reason to go for another package of sanctions, especially when it comes to energy. Energy is a clear red line for us. We are not ready to force the Hungarian people to pay the price of a war which they are absolutely not responsible for,” the Hungarian minister said to reporters.

“Of course, if there is a draft put forward, we would take part in the discussion, but we will not give our consent to anything which is against our national interest,” Szijjarto added.

In the Hungarian Foreign Minister’s opinion, Europe’s economy “is heading to a recession.”

“I think it is totally against the interests of Europe and the European people,” he continued. “We hope there is going to be peace as soon as possible because this is our interest that there would be a solution for everything.”

Szijjarto is one of the few statesmen who has his head screwed on tight. 

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is a tragedy of colossal proportions. It could have been avoided if the West curtailed its geopolitical ambitions by not only stopping NATO expansions, but also getting the US to withdraw from the alliance and allow Europe to assume more of its own defense functions. 

Alas, the Western ruling class had different plans in mind at the time and decided to use the unipolar moment to try to make the whole world a liberal democratic playground. 

Despite the instability present on the world stage, there are at least leaders like Szijjarto who stand against the universalist foreign policy vision of the West and call for a more realist way of handling geopolitical matters.

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