Hungary Will Oppose the EU’s Anti-Russian Nuclear Sanctions 

During a meeting of European Union Foreign Ministers on January 30, 2023, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters that Hungary will not back any EU sanctions that would potentially restrict cooperation with Russia in nuclear matters. 

“Hungary will not support any sanctions that in any way limit nuclear cooperation with Russia,” Szijjarto stated.

The Minister observed that “the European Commission has, obviously, commenced the development of the 10th sanctions package.” However, Hungary emphasized that it will not back any measures  “if they include restrictions on cooperation with Russia in the nuclear area,” Szijjarto declared.

“This would cause enormous damage to our country and violate its energy security,” he highlighted.

“I made it clear that nuclear energy is crucial for Hungary’s power supply,” the foreign minister declared, calling attention to how the Paks Nuclear Power plant, which relies on Russian nuclear fuel, generates half of Hungary’s energy supply.

“Without the Paks NPP, the current power supply in Hungary would be impossible. Just as it would be impossible to ensure Hungary’s power security in the upcoming decades without construction of new reactor units at the Paks NPP,” Szijjarto declared.

As a hard-nosed realist country, Hungary recognizes the importance of maintaining balanced relations between Russia and the West. Hungary is simply not going to engage in the moral grandstanding that the politically correct countries of the West do and is more focused on pursuing its national interest which will often anger the social engineers in the Collective West.

If anything, other nations of the West should follow Hungary’s lead and pursue more rational foreign policy measures.

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