Hungary Worries about Potential U.S. Interference in Upcoming National Elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is reportedly worried about potential U.S. interference in his country’s upcoming national elections as he is snubbed disrespectfully by the illegitimate Biden regime.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday that he anticipates the Biden regime’s usage of the Magnitsky Act to sanction Hungarian officials before parliamentary elections take place in April. They will be on defense against possible subterfuge from a U.S. government that believes in democracy only when they control the outcome.

“We don’t live on the moon. We live in central Europe. Of course there will be attempts,” Szijjarto said.

“We have already detected preparations  …  I want to reassure Hungarians that all relevant institutions are doing their jobs to fend off external interference attempts in the elections,” he added.

Hungary was snubbed by the Biden regime for an upcoming virtual summit on democracy scheduled to take place on Dec. 9 and 10. China, Turkey and Russia are also banned from the summit. Considering what has happened in his region in recent months, Orban is wise to be on guard against potential foreign electoral inference.

Big League Politics reported on the attempted color revolution coup that occurred in Belarus against long-time President Alexander Lukashenko last year:

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko is declaring victory after withstanding a color revolution attempt by the globalists, which was led by operatives of infamous leftist oligarch George Soros.

“The blitzkrieg did not succeed. We held on to our country,” Lukashenko said of the coup attempt orchestrated against his people.

“Despite the tensions in society artificially created by external forces, we survived,” he added. “We have to resist at all costs. And 2021, this year, will be decisive.”

Lukashenko came under fire from the globalists for refusing to adhere to COVID-19 mandates. Despite ignoring the advice of public health officials, Belarus has not suffered any major spike in COVID-19 cases. This has flown in the face of the talking points from disgraced Big Pharma shills like Dr. Anthony Fauci. This has resulted in the globalists trying to perform a Gaddafi on Lukashenko.

“If some don’t like 80, let it be 76 or even 68!” he said. “But we won it anyway, we were backed by an overwhelming majority.”

The globalists claimed Lukashenko stole an election despite no evidence proving this claim, and then a bunch of lesbians and homosexuals occupied the streets for months in an attempt to promulgate a revolution against Lukashenko. The people of Belarus were too strong and intelligent to fall for the globalist gambit.”

Hungary is one of a small handful of countries that is standing up for their national sovereignty against the globalist agenda. It is no wonder as to why they are increasingly vilified by an establishment that demands total obsequence.

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