Hunter Biden is Ignoring Deadlines to Submit Documents in Child Support Case

The Arkansas ex-stripper who sued Hunter Biden last year for child support is claiming that the Democratic front-runner’s son is still refusing to provide financial documents, potentially to avoid having to pay more in child support after agreeing to provide monthly payments to the woman.

Lunden Alexis Roberts is requesting that an Arkansas judge hold the son of the former Vice President in contempt of court, stating that he’s declining to provide documentation certifying his income for the past five years. Biden was obligated to provide documents by March 1st in accordance with his child support agreement with Roberts.

Roberts’ attorney, Clint Lancaster, blasted Hunter Biden in a court filing. He claimed the Vice President’s son “has no respect for this court’s orders, the legal process in this state, or the needs of his child support.

Biden had previously denied fathering Roberts’ child, but his agreement to pay child support all but confirms he is in fact the biological father of Roberts’ child. The Arkansas Circuit Court has accepted his paternity, which is reportedly attested to by genetic tests.

The younger Biden does appear to be considerably wealthy, a possible factor in the ongoing litigation of his child support payments. He currently rents a house in Hollywood with a monthly rent of $12,000, and drives a Porsche car with a value of approximately $129,000.

A person of such affluence could easily provide generous child support payments in a court arrangement. It’s unclear how much money Biden is currently required to provide to Roberts.

The judge in the case has ordered the younger Biden to appear at a March 11th court hearing regarding his serial truancy in the case. Biden has missed mandatory court hearings in addition to declining to submit required documents.

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