Hunter Biden Laptop Store Owner Alleges FBI Misconduct, Intimidation in New Video

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a Delaware computer repair shop responsible for publishing the contents of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, speaks in a new video of suspicious behavior on the part of the FBI when the federal agency dispatched agents to his shop.

At that time, I started to reflect on my interactions, and I was getting the feeling that the FBI’s agenda no longer included my safety.

Why was this laptop not in a lab being professionally inspected? Why was it not admitted as evidence during admitted? I was getting the feeling that the FBI was holding onto it until the [former] owner returned for it, and that they cared more about protecting it than they were in protecting me.”

Mac Isaac has been falsely accused by establishment liberals of acting as a Russian disinformation agent. Bombshell reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, much of it about corruption and influence peddling, was verified as legitimate, with the Biden campaign itself quietly admitting that the younger Biden is under Justice Department investigation for tax evasion. Later leaks have revealed that federal authorities are investigating Biden’s overseas business deals and potential money laundering, as well.

Mac Isaac previously alluded to what he suggested was FBI intimidation when confronted by reporters in his shop shortly after the laptop’s exposé. He explained the circumstances in which an FBI agent told him that “nothing ever happens to those that don’t talk,” a highly questionable statement Mac Isaac previously expressed his surprise to hear.

Mac Isaac reveals that he decided to make a copy of the laptop’s drive in the summer of 2019, fearing that evidence of the device’s contents would be hidden by the FBI and realizing its contents were items of national concern.

Emails from Biden’s laptop reveal the younger Biden’s corrupt business dealings in Ukraine, and exposes attempts to introduce Ukrainian Burisma associates to his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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