Hunter Biden Was NOT “Hacked;” Agreed to Transfer Ownership of Mac Under Terms of Repair Agreement

Twitter has cited its “Hacked Materials Policy” to justify a wide-ranging and unprecedented censorship campaign against the New York Post’s report on Hunter Biden’s organization of a meeting between Burisma executives and Vice President Biden. But its own policy does not apply, as the materials published in the story were not hacked.

The Post included an invoice that Biden had signed upon handing over his Mac to the computer repair contractor, including his signature.

The New York Post went on to obtain email communications from the Macbook in which Hunter Biden organized a meeting between his father- then-Vice President Joe Biden- and senior executives at Burisma, the oligarch-owned Ukrainian oil company for which the younger Biden had secured a lucrative position at despite having no experience in the energy industry.

Under the terms of the contract Biden signed with a Delaware computer repair man, he legally agreed to forfeit the water-damaged laptop after 90 days of repair completion if he didn’t pay for the services rendered and take back possession of the device. The younger Biden did not recover his laptop, thus surrendering the device to the store owner under the conditions of his agreement.

Equipment left with [store owner] after 90 days of notification of completed service will be treated as abandoned and you agree to hold [store owner] harmless for any damage for loss of property.

The FBI ultimately issued a subpoena to recover the laptop, but by the time it had, the computer repair shop owner had created a hard drive of the device’s contents, which include video of the younger Biden engaging in sexual acts, smoking crack, and engaging in suspicious dealings under the terms of his employment with Burisma. Joe Biden had previously denied that he ever met with any Burisma executives in connection with his son’s employment with the company, a statement that email communications between Hunter Biden and a Burisma executive contradicts.

Twitter is lying when they claim the materials released from the Biden laptop were “hacked.”

Twitter has now committed felony campaign finance violations, offering in-kind contributions to the Biden campaign while censoring information embarrassing to the Democratic candidate.

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