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HYPOCRITE: Elizabeth Warren Sent Her Son To Pricey Austin Private School, Says Education Researcher



New information has surfaced exposing Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy on school choice.

On October 28, 2019, education researcher Corey DeAngelis uncovered that the Massachusetts Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful sent her son to “an expensive private school in Austin Texas (Kirby Hall School).”

DeAngelis found a yearbook entry for her son, Alex Warren, proving that he attended Kirby Hall School when he was in the 5th grade in 1987.

Kirby Hall School is a private school with tuition at almost $18,000 per year and is located right next to UT Austin.


As an avid supporter of market-based education options, DeAngelis did not blame Alex Warren “for attending a private school in 5th grade.” Instead, what DeAngelis wanted to point out is Elizabeth Warren’s hypocrisy of “exercising school choice for her own kids while fighting hard to prevent other families from having that option.”

Warren has been an outspoken critic of school choice. Her education plan would ban for-profit charter schools and she firmly believes that policymakers “must resist efforts to divert public funds out of traditional public schools.”

For many inner city youth and other less privileged groups, charter schools can make the difference between being stuck in generational poverty or moving up the social ladder.

Political elites talk a big game about equality and having the government step in to create “equal” conditions, but in their private behavior, they will always opt for high quality options on the market while the rest of the population must stick with mediocre services.



Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn Calls on Ilhan Omar to Resign After Minnesota Democrat Calls to “Dismantle” U.S. “System of Oppression”

Omar appeared to refer to the American economy and political system as “oppression.”



Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn called upon Minnesota Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to resign from office on Tuesday, hours after Omar had appeared to endorse the “dismantling” of the American “economy and political systems,” calling them a “system of oppression.”

As long as our economy and our political systems prioritize profit without considering who is profiting, who is being shutout, we will perpetuate this inequality. We cannot stop at the criminal justice system. We must begin the work to dismantle the whole system of oppression wherever we find it.

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Omar had made the remarks in the context of arguing that Democratic “criminal justice reform” was insufficient to answer the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, calling for a more dramatic and wide-ranging restructuring of American society.

Blackburn called on the Minnesota freshman Democrat to resign hours after the anti-American speech in a tweet, stating that Omar could no longer credibly follow her oath to preserve the Constitution after referring to the American system broadly as a “system of oppression.”

Omar’s grandfather Abukar Omar had served as a government official in the dictatorship of Siad Barre in Somalia, and the Omar family sought political refuge in the United States when the Barre dictatorship-known for its human rights abuses and a mass killing of minorities thought of by some as a genocide- was overthrown in a civil war.

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