ICE Arrests 128 Illegal Alien Felons in California Sanctuary Cities in ‘Operation Rise’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement made the first round of arrests for a planned immigration enforcement operation in the first week of October, arresting 128 individuals present in the country illegally. The agency made the arrest in a variety of California “sanctuary cities,” which flout federal immigration law and deny any cooperation with federal law enforcement in arresting criminal aliens.

The first round of immigration raids, which took place on the five days preceding October 2nd, have been designated as “Operation Rise.”

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf confirmed that 96% of the illegal alien arrestees had either pending or adjudicated convictions, some of which included homicide, sexual assault, and sex crimes against children.

These are not everyday people,” said Wolf of the felons arrested in the immigration enforcement operation. “These are hardened criminals who threaten American communities and put American lives at risk.” Wolf went on to restate that the Department of Homeland Security would continue to enforce federal immigration law- with the cooperation of liberal city, county and state authorities, or not.
Immigration enforcement operations are also planned for Denver, Colorado, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, two other notorious sanctuary jurisdictions known for their defiance of federal immigration law.

California Democrats expressed their disappointment to see illegal alien felons arrested, knowing they’re very likely to be deported after they’re processed by the immigration court system. Democrat Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren called Operation Risejust a bunch of political posturing on the part of the Trump administration. They hope to salvage the election.

ICE is continuing its longstanding practice of prioritizing convicted felons in immigration enforcement activity, but it’s not enough to merely go after aliens who are convicted of additional violent felonies. The agency recently confirmed that it would resume its standard practices of apprehension and deportation for all illegal aliens, not just the worst of the worst.


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