DACA Illegal Alien Charged With First-Degree Murder, Child Rape in Colorado

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has filed an immigration detainer on a Colorado illegal alien who was charged with first-degree murder in late November.

The illegal in question is 25-year old Jorge Alexander Che-Quiab. Che-Quiab is charged with murder, sexual assault of a child, at least 11 other felony charges. ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations had filed a detainer in August when Che-Quiab was previously arrested on felony controlled substance warrant, but Araphoe County refused to hand him over, citing Colorado’s sanctuary law.

According to an affidavit, Che-Quiab admitted to raping a 14-year old to investigators.

The illegal alien received amnesty benefits under the DACA program in 2014, arriving in the country at some point previously.

Left-wing judges forced the Trump administration to reinstate the amnesty program last week, which shields more than half a million illegal aliens from deportation.

The multitude of criminal charges against Che-Quiab stem from a party in August in which it’s alleged the drug dealer provided fentanyl to a 16-year old who died of an overdose. Che-Quiab declined to call for medical assistance as the girl was dying, and raped the aforementioned minor in question at the same party. Prosecutors ultimately decided to charge Che-Quiab with first-degree murder in connection with the fentanyl overdose, accusing the admitted drug dealer of showing “extreme indifference” as a minor died in his apartment.

Che-Quiab had previously skipped out of county jail on bond after being initially charged with drug offenses. After Araphoe County refused ICE’s detainer request, the DACA recipient could’ve plausibly fled from Colorado or the United States, thus escaping justice when prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder.

Colorado’s sanctuary policy continues to fail the residents of this great state by ensuring that criminals who don’t belong here are released to the community where they could potentially harm more people,” said John Fabbricatore, an ICE field director in Denver.

Joe Biden has pledged to reserve deportation proceedings exclusively for felons in the event he’s inaugurated. Criminal suspects in ICE custody are detained until pending criminal proceedings are adjudicated. If convicted, Che-Quiab probably isn’t getting deported ever, in any event, instead spending the remainder of his life in prison.

Rest assured, my team will never give up. We will continue to protect the community by targeting and detaining people accused or convicted of these horrifying crimes, despite the challenges of sanctuary policies,” said Fabbricatore.

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